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Competing in the financial markets will give both the novice and inter­mediate traders alike a comprehensive understanding of how to trade in the financial markets without losing their shirts. This book is primarily aimed at the undergraduate whose ambition is to either become a trader in a financial organization or trade online through a financial brokers trading platform. It provides seasoned online traders with new insights into financial assets other than currencies.

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In simple-to-understand, con­cise language, enhanced by relevant graphics, all the key trading tools available for traders are explained in enough detail that novice traders should be able to understand and learn how to trade effectively in the financial markets. Chapter by chapter, this book builds a comprehensive understanding of the basic building blocks of trading assets, covering key charting and technical tools including fundamental analysis and the key economic events. The author exposes the myth that trading is an unfath­omable mystery.

Click here for ebook and here for paperback.

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