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What if you found out that the richest man in the world was about to bankrupt your country?

Alex Kalfas the Greek Prime Minister is about to find out.

Arthur Eckersley, the CEO of Xplore Industries is desperate to acquire the bauxite resources of the Macedonian region of northern Greece for his new fleet of space launch vehicles and will stop at nothing to get them.
He instigates a reign of terror backed by the extreme right wing Golden Dawn party, against the Greek government. Using his immense wealth to form an elite band of terrorists led by an infamous criminal known as The Fixer.
Only Alex together with the head of the Greek elite anti-terrorist squad and Chris Horsman the Athens CIA station chief, stand between Eckersley and his outrageous and audacious plans to steal Greece's most valuable export.
The action races between Athens, Salonika, and the mountainous border areas between Greece and the country of the disputedly named North Macedonia.

When Alex finds out that Eckersley is North Macedonian sponsored, he realizes that its claim to the Macedonian region of Greece is an existential threat which must be extinguished forever.

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