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If you are a beginner to the world of options, Mastering Options Strategies is essential to learn the basics of options strategies that will enable you to start making consistently handsome earnings.


This book gives the novice a comprehensive understanding of using option investment and hedging strategies successfully. It is primarily aimed at the undergraduate whose ambition is to either become a trader in a financial organization or an online investor through a financial brokers trading platform.


It also provides seasoned investors and traders with new insights into using options as an investment tool. In simple-to-understand con­cise language, enhanced by relevant graphics, the key trading tools available on online trading platforms are explained in enough detail that beginners will be able to understand as well as learn how to invest effectively in the financial markets using options.

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Chapter by chapter, this book builds a complete understanding of the basic building blocks of investing in options, including covering key charting techniques using technical tools.

Here's what you learn from this Mastering Options Strategies:

  • What options are in simple terms!

  • The various types of options and the common terms used in options trading.

  • The underlying principles of options trading using easily-understandable scenarios.

  • Insights into why you should trade-in options.

  • Strategies you can use to consistently to make profits whilst continually monitoring your risk exposure.

  • Case studies illustrating each strategy.

This book exposes the myth that investing in financial options is an impenetrable mystery.

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