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Welcome! I am hosting a series of webinars titled Understanding Stock Options Investing. The first two webinars are free of charge, but subsequent webinars will carry a charge of a small fee to the participants. The fee structure is indicated below.

The webinars are targeting retail investors who want to make a higher return on their investments than they can make by buying shares outright. You will learn how to invest in stock options and enjoy limited downsides and unlimited upsides, whether the market goes up or it goes down.

Why are the first two webinars so cheap? Well, the first two webinars introduce enough about options investing, to get you excited about investing in options, and enable you to see how powerful they can be. In addition, my book Mastering Options is the perfect companion to this series of webinars.

See you there!


Part 1 - Call Options             $10 Click to register

Part 2 - Put Options              $10 Click to register

Part 3 - Straddles                  $20

Part 4 - Strangles                  $20

Part 5 - The Butterfly            $30

Part 6 - The Condor              $30

Part 7 - Bull Spreads             $35

Part 8 - Bear Spreads           $35

Part 9 - Credit Spreads        $40