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A Prime Minister gone rogue, a global banking crisis, an evil alliance between East and West, a honeytrap conspiracy, a military coup, and peace in the Aegean region under threat, form the backdrop of a thrill-a-minute roller-coaster ride of a crime/political thriller.

Alex Kalfas, the Greek Justice Minister and former CIA operative, finds himself trapped in a treacherous web of deceit when he is blackmailed by Themis Xenakis, the Greek Prime Minister into taking the job of Finance Minister. Meanwhile, London and the Greek military set the stage for an ominous plot to orchestrate a military coup in Greece, which could have devastating consequences.


In northern Greece, a brutal mercenary army led by the cunning CEO of Black Hawke, John Dexter, wreaks havoc by targeting American gas and oil installations. Then a covert flight departing from Alexandria, northern Greece, is intercepted by a British spy ship, hints at an ominous clandestine operation.

As the evil alliance of Greece, Russia, and Germany conspiracy to illegally claim the valuable oil and gas reserves beneath the Aegean Sea, risking war with Turkey. A global currency crisis is set in motion by the members of the evil alliance and heralds the potential collapse of the European Union. While in the shadows, a Russian agent embedded within the Washington embassy and an attractive Russian deputy finance minister entice Laura Foot, a CIA analyst, into a honeytrap affair.


Alex Kalfas enlists the aid of Gitta Lehrer, a captivating Stazi double agent, and Chris Horsman, the Athens CIA station chief in an attempt to unravel the intricacies of the wicked plot that threatens global stability.

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